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The United States Census Bureau regularly collects demographic and economic data through surveys such as the Decennial Census (the largest and most well-known census survey conducted once every 10 years) and the American Community Survey (a smaller survey conducted every year over a five-year period). Census data is used by policymakers, business leaders, community organizations and residents to track community level changes over time for variables like total population, commute time to work and poverty rates. While census data is collected via individual survey responses, data is combined and anonymized for larger geographic areas, such as the census tract, so it is important to know what census tract(s) your community is in when trying to access this important information.

The Shelby County Census Tool has two components outlined below:

  1. The Shelby County Census Tract Identifier allows users to identify their target census tract(s) by searching for a specific address.

  2. The Shelby County Census Data Tool allows users to view preselected census data and visualizations for all census tracts within Shelby County, as well as create customized searches for nearly all census data.

    • Note: the Shelby County Census Data Tool only pulls data from the American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year estimates.

Instructions for accessing both tools are provided below:

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