3.0 Plan Engagement

More than 15,000 Memphians participated in the process over the last 2 years. We thank each and every individual that gave their time, funds, skills, and opinions. This process was only made a richer experience because of their efforts. Below are some of the documents we used to reach out to residents, along with church and neighborhood organization mailing lists. If you'd like to see more Memphis 3.0 stories, click on Memphis 3.0 News Mentions


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The first phase of the Memphis 3.0 Planning Process began in December 2016, with the research of existing conditions and a host of public meetings that asked residents their values about Memphis and what could be improved. Technical committees were formed to prioritize research in specific planning fields that later, provided assistance in writing Background Reports to inform staff and residents of Memphis’ history and current state. After committee and consultant advising, a City-wide vision was formulated from the original feedback from the public meetings. Phase II (March-May 2017) focused on developing future goals to achieve the City's greater vision, along with objectives and ideas for implementation.


As part of Phase III (September-November 2017), four public meetings were held to determine a path forward for population and development growth based on three data-driven projection scenarios for the next 20 years. The Memphis 3.0 Team asked “How will we grow and where will that growth occur? What are the trade-offs associated with different growth strategies?” Of the three options, public opinion selected a neighborhood growth approach that would focus on anchors throughout the city. 


With a determined growth model, Memphis 3.0 moved onto Phase IV: District Planning (November 2017-August 2018). Phase IV involved 3.0 team members to spend roughly 10 weeks in each of the 14 city-designated districts. During each 10-week District phase, a series of workshops, neighborhood tours, and presentations took place at various community spaces and staff met with community members to take part in developing Community Character plans. 

On December 17, 2018, the plan was released for public commentary and remained open until February 8, 2019. Revisions were made based on public comments received and the plan was approved by the Land Use Control Board. The plan must be recognized on the agenda of 3 consecutive City Council meetings before it can be voted on for adoption. The first reading of the plan by City Council is scheduled for May 7th; please review the Home page for dates and to view all versions of the Comprehensive Plan. If you prefer to download individual sections of the Plan, visit the Plans page.