District Planning Workshops


Between November 2017 through August 2018, the Office of Comprehensive Planning focused efforts within 14 designated Districts of Memphis. These Districts have been updated from the county-wide planning districts established in the 1970s. In amending the boundaries, we considered neighborhoods, natural and man-made barriers like highways, major streets, water bodies, and railways, and census tracts. We recognize that some of these district boundaries may cut across neighborhood lines and worked to address this through engagement efforts. From the district planning process, we were able to better understand the character of communities and the similarities among adjacent districts.


The District Planning Schedule lasted approximately 10 weeks in each district, hosting events and meetings as ways to meet with neighbors. A series of three workshops were held. Workshop 1 consisted of a presentation and asset mapping activity. Workshop 2 offered neighborhood tours throughout different areas of the District led by community leaders. Workshop 3 was a final presentation of findings that allowed residents to decide on which actions they’d like to prioritize for their district over the next 20 years. By the end of each 10-week period, the planning team was able to put together goals and actions recommended for the District based on what members of the public said at community meetings. These goals and actions have been included in the Comprehensive Plan as District Priorities, where each District has its own section. Below are pages for each District, where you can review presentations, documents, and comments from meetings during the District Planning process. 



Letters to District & Community Asset Mapping


District Tours


Present District Vision &

Prioritize Objectives