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Memphis 3.0 & Annual Reports

The Office of Comprehensive Planning oversees the Memphis 3.0 Comprehensive Plan and issues regular reports tracking its implementation and progress. With a strong emphasis on community engagement and data-driven decision-making, the office ensures that the Memphis 3.0 Comprehensive Plan adapts to changing needs and priorities, fostering sustainable growth and equitable development throughout the city.

Memphis 3.0 Planning Maps

Effective urban planning in Memphis relies heavily on detailed and accurate maps. Here, you'll find all the essential maps associated with the Memphis 3.0 comprehensive plan. These maps provide critical insights and guidelines that inform our city's growth, development, and future land use. Explore the various Memphis 3.0 maps to see how we're shaping a sustainable and thriving community, guided by careful planning and community input.

Small Area Plans

A small area plan is a targeted strategy for addressing growth, preservation, or improvement within a specific neighborhood, covering aspects like land use, zoning, and community goals. By fostering consensus-building and tailored policy implementation, it empowers communities to prioritize local investments and align city efforts with their vision for development and investment.

Other Plans & Reports

In addition to managing the Memphis 3.0 Comprehensive Plan, the Office of Comprehensive Planning also collaborates with other departments within our division and local groups to coordinate and support various plans and reports addressing sustainability, resilience, economic and housing issues, transportation, and other key city concerns.